Executive Producer, Experiential Marketing - Case Studies


Challenge:Showcase Samsung’s standing as the leader in consumer electronics at CES in a live event by bringing together all major Samsung lines of business onto one stage and unveil its collective strategy and plans for innovation in the coming year.

Solution: Create a dynamic live keynote address with Samsung VIPs that excites the press through product reveals, live, never before seen demos and dramatic, larger than life content live streamed through the Samsung news room to press around the world.

Result: Over 2,000 media attendees from over 100 countries. Garnered hundreds of press pieces on Samsung’s pioneering leadership in AI and Smart Home technology. Viewed by over 1M people around the globe. 

My Role: 

  • Oversee 4 lead producers and a team of over 100 staff and crew.

  • Develop and manage budget of over 2.5M

  • Oversee production of all scenic and physical design elements

  • Oversee the successful execution of all onstage product demos and back up redundancies.

  • Manage all 3rd party vendor including conference services, fabrication, automation, audio, video, lighting, content, internet, media, live-streaming

  • Coordinate all product delivery, trucking, drayage, 

  • Manage all table reads and stage rehearsals, run of show, content management, talent, stage management

  • Oversee all onsite operations, including production office, meeting rooms, catering, signage, security, VIP seating, green room, hair & make-up, wardrobe

  • Liaises with PR agency & clients for alignment on all deliverables


Challenge: Thank a global group loyal Samsung members for their dedication to the brand and introduce them to new devices launching that season and turn them into Samsung brand ambassadors. 


Solution: Produce a 4 day hospitality program twice a year in New York and San Francisco for 100+ select Samsung customers from 14 different countries. Foster a community by providing accommodations, meals, transportation and programming all entertainment and activities including site seeing, tours, interactive workshops highlighting the latest Samsung technologies. Develop and execute programming designed to create a prodigious amount of user generated content for social media channels. 

Result: Inspired loyal Samsung brand advocates. 3716 user tweets among used hashtags, 2184 Instagram posts over 4 programs. 

My Role: 

  • Oversee a team of 5 producers and manage budget of$700,000+

  • Develop run of show

  • Oversee hotel selection, and contract negotiations, guest reservations, meeting rooms needs furnishings, and all BEOs

  • Develop hotel catering and restaurant selections 

  • Develop all programming including entertainment and tours such broadway shows, cable car tours, UGC scavenger hunts. 

  • Ideate, plan and execute all Samsung related workshops to teach consumers about new product features

  • Hire and train all workshop facilitators

  • Plan registration including arrivals, giveaways, safety protocols, 

  • Design and execute Hospitality suite layout, furniture rentals decor, and activation stations

  • Emcee all events and liaise with clients


Challenge: Create a dynamic and memorable product launch event around the new Samsung QLED display technology at a historic NYC landmark. Build out a stage for presentation and product reveal and an exhibit area inside the space to highlight all Samsung visual display technology.

Solution: Transformed the 60,000 sq ft old American Stock Exchange in New York City into a three story immersive experience, including a keynote presentation to launch 8K QLED display an exhibit floor as well as a VIP product zone. Scheduled 8 simultaneous guided tours through out the event space experience zones and developed an Xbox gaming competition for prizes. 

Result: Over 1000 attendees including press, distributors, and Samsung partners and countless earned media stories across the internet. 

My Role: 

  • Venue sourcing, site inspections, and contract negotiations. 

  • Lead keynote producer

  • Manage budget of 3M

  • Managing all 3rd party vendors including fabrication, audio, video, lighting, content management, live stream and demo needs

  • All venue cosmetic improvement

  • Managing team of producers, show crew, run of show, content management and talent

  • All rehearsal operations, including table reads, stage rehearsals, talent, green room, catering, hair & make-up, wardrobe, meeting rooms

  • VIP room management including furnishings, decor, and executive needs

  • Oversee venue load in, strike, and load out


Challenge: Create a buzz-worthy event that inspires consumers to use Sunoco’s new mobile app, which allows faster payment at the pump.

Solution: Prove the Sunoco app is the fastest way to fuel your car by attempting to set a new world record — one person fuels at least 141 cars in one hour. We invited the Guinness Book of World Records to judge as NASCAR driver Chase Elliott’s gas man John Gianninoto pumped free gas to anyone driving up to the Queens, NY Sunoco gas station as the Sunoco app paid the bill.

Results: John Gianninoto fueled 148 cars in 60 minutes with the help of the Sunoco app and a team of Brand Ambassadors setting a new Guinness World Record. The win appeared in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records. The event was streamed live on facebook and was viewed over 1.5M times and earned a great deal of media. Our team also won the 2019 Ex Award for best PR stunt. 

My Role: 

  • Client communications 

  • Budget development and management for 200K+

  • Source all 3rd party vendors and negotiate contracts including venue, stage, audio/video, talent 

  • Build world record parameter requirements with Guinness World Records

  • Train all associated staff on Guinness Book rules and regulations

  • Work with Guinness World Records Adjudicator 

  • Develop stunt and all stunt operations

  • Work with city on all permitting requirements and law enforcement support

  • Hire and train all brand ambassadors 

  • Source all decor, giveaways, uniforms, and printing needs


Challenge: Create an inviting social space during the annual Ted Talk Summit in Vancouver and promote the Samsung B2B model for “The Next Mobile Economy.”

Solution: Designed and fabricated an 800 square foot café-style space within the Vancouver Convention Center, complete with baristas and café seating. Provided guests a unique opportunity to network while watching Ted Talks on simulcast screens around the space. Installed and and managed interactive product tables showcasing the power of the Samsung S9 and the mobility of the Samsung DEX work stations, and trained brand ambassadors to engage with attendees about The Next Mobile Economy.

Results: Over 2,000 attendees passed through the Samsung Social Space over 4 days with 340k social media impressions and 650 captured leads

My Role: 

  • Manage all partnership negotiations between Ted Talks, Samsung and Ogilvy PR Team

  • Manage Booth design, Engineering, fabrication, installation and strike 

  • Manage budget of $600K+

  • Oversee existing product/activation shipping logistics

  • Oversee day to day booth operations including staffing and security

  • Develop and oversee Samsung product library lending program

  • Hire and train Brand Ambassadors on all activations and talking points

  • Onsite client communications, reports and feedback. 


Challenge: Execute an exciting experience zone featuring the latest Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem products within the Samsung Developers Conference first floor exhibit hall.

Solution: Designed and fabricated an eye-catching 2000 square foot activation featuring Samsung's Home speaker system, Samsung Galaxy Watch Game integration, Samsung racing VR, Samsung Note 10 Slow Motion Camera feature and Fortnite partnership gaming zone. 

Results: 3000+ attendees and participants in 5 activations over three days.

My Role: 

  • Lead Operations producer

  • Manage budget of $60K 

  • Hire and train all Brand Ambassadors including specific Samsung product feature training and sales perspective

  • Develop all activation branding including staff uniforms, signage, way-finding and directional signage

  • Develop and execute operational run of show

  • Onsite staff and activation management including staff schedules, daily product tracking, security, cleaning etc.


2020 Cheil's Experiential Marketing team became the PMO for Samsung 837, which was the former three story experiential showroom for Samsung Electronics in New York. During the pandemic Samsung 837 was re-envisioned as a content creation studio for various Samsung's lines of business. 

My Roles:

  • Manage budgets, and timelines for construction to turn 837 into a series of vignettes featuring different product zones to be used for CES media tours and beyond. Zones included Visual Displays, Retail, Home Appliances, Micro LED, Samsung Premiere Projectors, SD Cards and Computing displays and Interactive Products. 

  • Develop new venue sales deck with clients

  • Manage COVID-19 rapid testing during construction, media days, and for internal events

  • Develop 5G AR experience with third party vendor for future deployment

  • Manage the rebuilding of a new 3 story LED video wall

  • Develop & fabricate Frame TV activation for future deployment

  • Develop internal proprietary virtual meeting tools including working with internal technology teams and third party vendors on hardware and software integrations, graphic overlays and back end workflow to work with Cisco Webex Products

  • Manage and produce all internal business critical meetings and events including developing run of show, at home remote product installation, remote executive training and rehearsals and developing online support tools and running meetings for 100+ participants. 

  • Producing on-site video content shoots to create raw footage for various lines of business to create marketing materials for various trade shows and product training videos

  • Managing internal A/V team 

  • Managing SOWs with Samsung and third party vendors